DORCO LIVING VINA project: Completed the fire protection appraisal and approval according to the latest regulations

At the end of November 2021, DELCO accompanies the investor DORCO LIVING VINA to complete the procedures for approving the fire protection system of the factory according to the latest regulations in 2021.

New standards on fireproof materials

From the beginning of 2021, Vietnam has applied the National Technical Regulation on fire safety for Buildings and Constructions QCVN 06:2021/BXD and Decree 136, effective from July 5, 2021 to replace QCVN 06:2010 and Decree 79.

Quy chuan moi ve vat lieu chong chay

The new regulation has a number of changes to improve fire safety based on practical research on the heat resistance and fire resistance of some specific materials such as glass, walls, frames, buffer materials, etc. If Decree 79 allows the use of materials that have passed the test with dimensions of 480mm x 480mm on all fireproof applications in the building, then Decree 136 mandates that all fireproof applications be tested as a complete system, not just individual components.

 Quy định mới yêu cầu thử nghiệm chống cháy theo cấu kiện
The new regulation requires fire resistance testing according to the structure, with the actual size as the application in the building, or at least 3mx3m.

DELCO consultants on fire safety appraisal and approval procedures according to the latest regulations

The general regulations on fire prevention and fire protection approval are inherently complicated for construction works. However, QCVN 06:2021 has just taken effect, so there are certain difficulties when implementing it in practice. As an experienced Design – Build General Contractor, DELCO quickly updates new regulations, learns and advises on the best construction methods, suitable for each project, meeting the requirements of the clients as well as ensure the process of fire prevention and fighting appraisal and approval according to new regulations.

DELCO tư vấn thẩm duyệt PCCC theo quy định mới nhất

DELCO tư vấn thẩm duyệt PCCC theo quy định mới nhất

DELCO tư vấn thẩm duyệt PCCC theo quy định mới nhất
Drencher systems are a type of water spray system to limit and prevent the spread of the fire – one of DELCO’s adjustment consultations compared to the design to ensure the fire safety acceptance procedure.

Fire safety standards in Vietnam are currently being evaluated on par with international standards and best practices. The application of international standards will contribute to improving the quality of factory works construction in Vietnam.


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