HAEM VINA project – handing over the factory after 4 months of construction

As a Design & Build general contractor, DELCO continues to complete the handover and put into operation for the 2-storey factory using the prestressed floor structure – HAEM VINA factory, after only 4 months of construction.

HAEM VINA Company limited

HAEM VINA factory belongs to HAEM VINA Co., Ltd with 100% capital investment of Korea,  is one of many companies processing and manufacturing phone chargers and battery charger components for Samsung Electronic Vietnam.

The factory is located in Song Khe – Noi Hoang Industrial Park, Song Khe Commune, Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province.

Constructing HAEM VINA factory and the dificult problem for General Contractor

The HAEM VINA factory project for Delco General Contractor is a complicated problem, must be solved in a short time.

About planning

The project has a total land area of 5,100 m2 with a total floor area (2 floors) of 6,072 m2. Although the construction land is relatively narrow, Delco had to solve the difficult problem of organizing construction, but we still tries to keep the green trees and green landscape for the construction area.

Mặc dù mặt bằng thi công chật hẹp nhưng Delco vẫn cố gắng giữ lại hàng cây xanh cho khu vực công trường.

About constructing

The 2-storey factory uses a prestressed concrete floor structure combined with traditional reinforced concrete floor structure, meeting aesthetic requirements as well as workload. With the complications in the construction process, the difficulties due to the narrow construction space, the limited requirements for the height and the large span of the columns, Delco engineers had to calculate very carefully, ensure the quality as well as work progress, costs for investor.

Nhà xưởng 2 tầng sử dụng kết cấu sàn bê tông cáp dự ứng lực

This is a multi-purpose project with production area, office area, canteen for about 600 workers and auxiliary areas – garage. As the general contractor for the design and build, Delco has calculated a reasonable layout, optimizing the function of each area, and being able to connect the areas conveniently.

Finishing work

As a manufacturing factory  in the electronics and precision engineering sectors, the Owner HAEM VINA requires to use a variety of construction materials with high requirements such as epoxy floors, anti-static vinyl tiles, … With experience as a general contractor for many foreign investors in this field, such as MEIKO Towada Factory, Curious Seiki Factory, Power Plus Technology Factory, …, Delco has quickly executed and satisfied the investor.

Thi công gạch vinyl chống tĩnh điện

Phòng họp đa năng

Canteen HAEM

Khu vực sản xuất của nhà máy

Ốp lát nhà vệ sinh cần sự tỉ mỉ, chau chuốt đến từng mạch gạch

The factory was completed in 4 months, from July 2020 to the end of October 2020.


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