Handing over of ANNEX Electronics Company Limited - Delco Construction

Handing over of ANNEX Electronics Company Limited

Having worked with the Investor ANNEX in small-scale industrial construction projects, it was the quality and the way of working of DELCO that persuaded the owner to continue assigning to Delco as the task as general contractor of the ANNEX company construction project. In November 2020, DELCO has completed the final items, handed over and put into operation and use for the project.

The ANNEX Electronic Company Limited

As a subsidiary of the famous Diptronics Manufacturing Inc. of Taiwan, ANNEX specializes in manufacturing all kinds of quality power switches for used in mobile phones, cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Cong ty TNHH Dien tu ANNEX

About the ANNEX construction project – phase 2

Construction of ANNEX phase 2, DELCO strives to harmonize the new building with the existing factory by choosing minimal colors and shapes.

Sanh chinh toa nha

The building consists of 3 floors with offices, production area, canteen and rest area. DELCO always tries to increase convenience for workers, optimize the function of rooms and save costs for the investor.

San tang 3 - mot khong gian thoang rong

The highlight of the project is the reasonable design, from the structure of the room to the location of the door to welcome the sun, to welcome the landscape in the yard. DELCO has optimized the 3rd floor courtyard area, creating a bright and airy space with large glass roofs and green plants.

After 6 months of construction, DELCO has completed the work and handed over to the investor ANNEX from November 2020.

Cong trinh ANNEX do DELCO thi cong xay dung


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